Insignia 胸章


It is a insignia for ceremonies or school events made of Washi (Japanese paper) and hinoki cypress. We can also make it using local Kanaba.

You can make it as a school lesson and attend the ceremony with your own insignia. Please feel free to contact us.

Ceremony flower


We make main flowers for concerts and ceremonies.

It can be used repeatedly, and it demonstrates a neat and natural look different from fresh flowers.

Kanaba Flower Box


It is a flower box with square or rectangular wooden boxes filled with Kanaba flowers. It can be used for various purposes such as decorating the entrance or reception, or as a gift.

Bouquet arrangement


From small bouquets to large ones, we can make them according to your request.

Sundry goods


The Kanaba flower is arranged in a small pot. You can enjoy your favorite aroma by dripping aroma oil in the pot. We also produce various other Kanaba art products.

Wood education 木育





Through the material of Kanaba, we are engaged in activities to foster and 


deepen our understanding of the culture of tree by feeling the warmth and touch of wood.